1. Keep It Thoro Ep 21: MCA Tribute

    Click photo to listen.

    Playlist included below.


    "Hold It, Now Hit It (Acapulco)"
    YN Intro Break
    "The New Style"
    "Paul Revere"
    "Posse In Effect"
    "Slow Ride (Original)"
    "Brass Monkey"
    "Slow And Low"
    "Desperado (Unreleased)"
    "Rhymin’ And Stealin’ (Original)"
    "Fight For Your Right (Original)"
    "No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Original)"
    YN Talk Break
    "To All The Girls"
    "Shake Your Rump (Acapulco)"
    "33% God"
    "Hey Ladies (Acapulco)"
    "Dis Yourself In ‘89 (Just Do It)"
    "The Sounds Of Science"
    "3-Minute Rule"
    "Hello Brooklyn"
    "Car Thief"
    "Egg Man"
    "A Year And A Day"
    "Jimmy James (Single Version)"
    "Pass The Mic Pt. 2 Skills To Pay The Bills"
    "So What Cha Want (Soul Assassins Remix)"
    "Professor Booty"
    YN Talk Break over “Groove Holmes”
    "The Biz Vs. The Nuge"
    "Sure Shot"
    "Flute Loop"
    "Get It Together (Buckwild Remix)"
    "Intergalactic (Original)"
    Just Blaze’s MCA Drop
    "Check It Out (Just Blaze Remix)"
    "Too Many Rappers" (Ft. Nas)
    YN Outro Break
    "Ricky’s Theme"

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