1. In part 2 of the 2 Chainz episode of my show The Truth on Jay Z’s Life + Times channel we talk about his resurgence, new music and collaborations

  2. In the 71st episode of my show “The Truth” on Jay Z’s Life + Times channel I sit down with 2 Chainz.  We discuss his attempted robbery in SF, Funkmaster Flex and his new EP “Freebase”

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  4. Bonus footage from my CRWN interview with Future

  5. In my CRWN interview with Future we talk about his new album “Honest” coming up into the game, and the inner workings of the music industry.

  6. Part 2 of  my sit-down with DJ Holiday, Brook and The City, and Stix Malone on Holiday Season Live.

  7. While in Atlanta I sat down with DJ Holiday, Brook and The City, and Stix Malone for Holiday Season Live. We spoke about the current state of hip-hop, how I feel about Jay-Z vs. Drake and more.

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3cwBuiATBk

    In the 70th episode of my show “The Truth” on Jay Z’s Life + Times channel I catch up with Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs to discuss his new music, and the past, present, and future of his artistry.

  9. In the season five premiere of my show “The Truth” on Jay Z’s Life + Times channel, I head to Los Angeles to talk to YG about his debut album, My Krazy Life, working with DJ Mustard, and the resurgence of the West.

  10. In part 4 of my sit down interview I discuss exactly what “YN” stands for, desperate rappers, YG being the biggest surprise this year and more.

  11. In part 3 of my sit down interview we chop it up about his Truth series, speaks on Jay Electronica’s new records he released and his thoughts on them “I think Jay Electronica is brilliant, and he has great material, the thing with Jay Electronica is he doesn’t have the confidence or belief yet to finish it and put it out.” I also gave my thoughts on Hov’s tap at Drizzy in Jay Electronica’s “We Made It “Freestyle.

  12. In part 2 of my sit down interview with the LA Leakers I talk about my CRWN interview with Lil Wayne at SXSW “I was nervous I didn’t know what I was gonna get, I never met him before and nobody believes that either.” I also speak on Drake’s jab at Kendrick Lamar during his CRWN interview, and what I really thought of Macklemore’s text to Kendrick Lamar.

  13. The LA Leakers sat down with RapRadar’s very own Elliott Wilson, in part 1 of the exclusive interview he talks about how he got started in the industry “I started dealing with the industry beggin for records.” YN breaks down how he went from writing for Ego Trip magazine, to The Source, Vibe, XXL, and then RapRadar.

    He also reminisces about the first album he had to review and put in print. YN shared a dope story about his experience working for XXL ” XXL was the beginning of me being a boss,” Putting Eminem on the cover “We had beef with Eminem when I took over, so my first mission was how do I squash beef with Eminem and how do we get him on.” 

  14. Elliott Wilson talks to DJ Skee about everything from his career, the secrets to success, importance of social media, the state of hip-hop and more.

  15. In part two of my CRWN interview with Rick Ross, we discuss neighborhood hustlers, his stint as a Correctional Officer, the formation of MMG and his legacy